Reuilly Wines- French AOC of the Loire Valley

A few figures
AOC Reuilly area : 243 ha (600 acres)
43 winegrowers
5 wine merchants
Volume in 2015: 11139 hl
53 %: white wines
25%: red wines
22%: rosé wines

The origin of Reuilly vineyard dates back to the VIIth century. King Dagobert gave Reuilly – its pastures, fields and vines – as a gift to the Abbey of Saint Denis.
Reuilly vineyard not only supplied the medieval city of Bourges but also Vierzon.
The wines ran down the river Cher to the river Loire and were shipped to England and Flanders.
In 1365, the Duke of Berry, son of King John II the Good, published a charter relating to the wines of Reuilly sales. The charter used to determine the harvest dates and the right to collect taxes on wine trade.
At the end of the XIXth century, Unions designed to defend winegrowers' rights appeared just after the re-plantation due to phylloxera disaster. After a latency period, the 80s offered to Reuilly's vineyard a new rise.

Located at the confluence of the Indre and Cher rivers, the vines are planted on gentle slope hillsides of calcareous marls and on terraces of gravels and sand.
There, fresh, round and fruity white wines issued from Sauvignon blanc are produced. Pinot noir reveals full, soft and enveloping, forwardly fruity wines. Reuilly also offers a pale Rosé wine from Pinot gris, the so-called "gris" produced through a tender and delicate approach