A soil 

"Wine makes the eye clearer and the ear finer!"

Charles Baudelaire

Our estate consist in more than 14ha of vineyard on an exeptional soil in the heart of Berry on both departments of Cher and Indre 


Grapes take advantage from a clay and calcareous soil, with different expositions, giving it/them the best conditions to mature and grow (under Reuilly's sun).  

In our estate you will be able to meet/find the place said Les Sables (for our cuvée of the same name) in Chéry, Laleuf (the bithplace of our Dagobert cuvée) and Les Conges in Reuilly. You can also meet/find our vineyards in L'hopiteau, in the La Ferté's hamlet, in Les Galifardes and in Les Plantes in Diou's municipality, and last but not least in Les Plantes d'en Bas in Lury-sur-Arnon.

This diversity of soils allows us to bring out the best out of Reuilly's wines tipycity.