"Who knows how

to taste, no longer drinks​ wine but tastes its secrets"

Salvador Dali

Responsiveness, quick support and modernity

in the heart of a terroir of quality

Created 20 years ago, our vineyard covers 14 hectares in AOP REUILLY, and we produce approx. 75000 bottles per year.

55% of the area produces dry white REUILLY made with Sauvignon blanc, 25% are fruity red REUILLY made with Pinot Noir and 20% are Rosé REUILLY (single Pinot Gris). Our focus is to produce ours vines trhough sustainable vine growing methods.
The training of our vines is adapted to the specificity of each terroir.  Our daily expériences in the vines and the benchmark with other professionnals drive our methods. For many years we have been practicing grass cover cropping and tillage.

In the wine cellar, the whole process from the grappe, until the bottle is ensured by the best sanitary and technical implémentations.